Rolling Toward Caboolture

The National Roller Derby Championships Tropicarnage Cup!

Not for the faint of heart, this thrill seeking fast paced sport is making its way Moreton Bay area for the national finals.

Teams from all over the country are on their way to Morayfield to compete in the aptly named Tropicarnage Cup Roller Derby Tournament.

The event is a big boost for the region and brings in hundreds of competitors, spectators, and support crew, adding nearly half a million to the local economy over the course of the weekend.

If you are wondering exactly what Roller Derby is, think of ice skating crossed with ice hockey but on wheels! Designed as a full contact sport, teams of five players compete by rolling anti-clockwise around a track while trying to stop the opposing teams nominated “jammer”. The jammer scores points by overlapping members of the opposing team.

These girls are tough, competitive and fierce, expect there to be a lot of “Carnage”.

The event will be open to the public on October 5th, 6th and 7th from 9am – 6pm. Entry is $10, and children under 12 are FREE. A great day’s entertainment for all those involved.

Remember, if you are in the Caboolture area and looking for accommodation during the tournament, come and stay with us at the Riverlakes Motel. Not only will you enjoy the region’s most comfortable and desired accommodation, but you may even get to shake hands with the champions.

Go Queensland!

And let the battle for Australian supremacy begin!